Okinawa 1988-1991

Okinawa 1988-1991

Saturday, May 27, 2006

New AAFES mall under construction on Hansen

Marines and sailors sit and wait at the bus stop every weekend in Camp Hansen, hoping for a spot on the next bus for a ride to the Camp Foster exchange.

Construction workers are working on a building that will make the shopping trip unnecessary in the future.

In an effort to improve the amenities on Camp Hansen, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service is building a mall scheduled for completion in October.

The new facility will house an expanded Post Exchange, food court and military clothing store within a 55,000 square-foot building in order to better serve Camp Hansen customers, according to Robert Little, the general manager of AAFES Okinawa Exchange.
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Monday, May 22, 2006

Base closing plans don’t please all Okinawans

As Okinawa a celebrates its 34th anniversary as a Japanese prefecture, one large group of workers wants to see the American presence continue.

Okinawa reverted to Japan from U.S. control 34 years ago this week, and Americans moved from being the hosts to the guests. Despite the political change in Okinawa, life continued much the same for thousands of local residents who work on the bases. Even as anti-military groups conducted demonstrations Monday, base workers were expressing apprehension at how a reduced American military presence can affect their livelihoods.

“Okinawa’s economy has grown up with the bases,” said a pro-military group leader. “The bases will always be important. He noted that nearly 10,000 Okinawa residents work directly for the U.S. military, and that tens of thousands of others derive significant income as a result of military bases, troops and families spending money here.
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Okinawa Poker Run

Boozefighters Far East Motorcycle Club wants to raise money for scholarships.

The Okinawa City bikers club is staging a poker run May 27th, and is looking for riders looking for a good hand for a good cause.

Boozefighters, which bills itself as a motorcycle club dedicated to supporting communities and sharing the road with other clubs, will run the May poker run at five locations across the island. In simple terms, bikers sign up to play poker at $5 per hand, aiming to win either the high hand, low hand or a 50/50 hand. The bikers draw one card at each of five locations, with winners stepping forward at the end.

Donations are going to Kubasaki High School’s college fund. The action begins May 27th, Saturday, at the Boozefighere Clubhouse at 911 Sonoda 3-Chome in Okinawa City. The clubhouse is two blocks down from Club Pyramids. Check-in time is 10am. A rain date has been set for June 3rd, just in case.

Boozefighters Far East is a chapter in a U.S. motorcycle club established in 1946 in California. The group, founded by a group of young guys fresh from World War II fighting, found the camaraderie of bikers to be almost as good as the military. Willie Forkner founded the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club, which was ultimately immortalized by the movie “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando. For movie buffs, Lee Marvin played the role of Forkner.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Rainy season starts in Okinawa

The rainy season got under way in the Okinawa region Sunday, a day after it hit in the Amami Islands off southern Kagoshima Prefecture, the Meteorological Agency said.

The official start of Okinawa's rainy season was six days late this year compared with an average year, and 12 days later than last year, according to the agency.

The agency's forecast for the next seven days is for rain and cloudy weather. The rainy season usually ends in Okinawa around June 23.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Okinawa woman chosen as Miss Universe Japan

Okinawa has another opportunity to present itself to the world.

A 24-year-old Okinawan has been selected Miss Universe Japan. She will represent the country at the Miss Universe Champion Tournament in Los Angeles in July.

A Japan competition that began with 4,200 entrants wound up with 12 in Tokyo for the finals. Kurara Chibana won the competition. The Tokyo Jouchi University graduate, who is an activist performing volunteer work, is promoting her plan for a ‘Stop AIDS Foundation’ while making leadership the cornerstone of her social welfare activities.

Chibana’s father says “I can’t meet her often because she’s in Tokyo and we’re in Okinawa, but when I heard the news about her championship, it made me feel great. I think she was chosen because of her kind heart.” He predicts his 173cm tall daughter will represent Okinawa well, and thinks she’ll win the 2006 world championship.
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