Okinawa 1988-1991

Okinawa 1988-1991

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Victims of hurricane Katrina need your help now.

American Red Cross - Preparing for and Responding to Hurricane Katrina

Please call 1-800-help now.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 — The American Red Cross has mobilized thousands of volunteers to respond in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which completely devastated parts of Louisiana and left at least 55 people dead.

The Red Cross plans to send close to 2,000 volunteers in the area to begin the initial response in the next few days.

The best way to help is by making an online contribution to the Disaster Relief Fund in the link posted above.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Here is a pic I found somewhere online. I thought it was kinda cool to look how far Okinawa has come since World War II, with the help of the US.
By the way, this road would become what is known today as hwy.58.

The ultimate beer festival shares stage with Eisa. Orion beer festival 2005

Burgers and fries. Fish and chips. Eisa and beer.

Some things absolutely go together.

That’s the way it is in Okinawa City this weekend as the 50th Annual All Okinawa Eisa Festival shares the Koza Sports Park. There’s a pre-festival Friday evening, with dancers on stage from 7~9:30pm, but the real action kicks off Saturday afternoon.

Thirty-four eisa groups will take to the stage across two days, filling the air with the melodious sounds of Okinawa. The first dancers appear at 2:30pm Saturday, immediately after opening ceremonies. The groups will each perform 20 minutes, with the Okinawa International Friendship Association group performing at 3:30pm. That’s the group featuring foreigners, including Americans.

Orion Beer Festival 2005 adds dimension to the weekend at Koza Sports Park. The local Okinawan beverage will be...

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Futenma Flightline Fair

It is billed as the biggest Marine Corps festival of the year on Okinawa.
The Futenma Flightline Fair, which calls itself the “best of the best” in annual entertainment, kicks off Saturday at 3pm, and runs Sunday until 10pm.
As the name implies, all the action takes place along the sprawling Marine Corps Air Base flightline, which will be closed to air traffic. The base will open its gates to all Okinawa residents.
The festival will again be delighting Americans and locals alike with top notch entertainment, free of course, game booths and amusement rides, Kiddle Land for children, and enough cultural foods to appease the heartiest of appetites. Organizers do stress that pets are not permitted at the Futenma Flightline Fair.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ie Shima airstrip

A Harrier sits on the newly built airstrip on Ie Shima.
My unit MWSS-172 was ordered in 1989 to construct an airstrip on the island. Although under heavy protest from the locals who did not want us there. The protestors would be the least of our concerns, once we began excavating the site we discovered hundreds of unexploded bomb's leftover from WW2. Needless to say when you hit one of them bomb's with a D7 Dozer they detonate. Luckily they had been in the ground and water long enough that they usually just smoked alot. We dug tank traps, and had EOD(Explosive ordinance disposal)come in and check them just to make sure, then disposed of most of them in the tank traps.
Once the airstrip was completed me and another Marine spent a week or so island hopping from Okinawa to Ie Shima aboard CH-46, and CH-53 helicopter's to make sure the runway was kept clear for the Harrier's.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Ie Shima harbor

Thursday, August 04, 2005

10,000 Eisa dancers on Nahas Kokusai Street this weekend

"The unique sounds of Okinawan drums mix with traditional street dance this weekend as Naha City hosts its annual festival featuring upward of 10,000 performers ranging from near toddlers to senior citizens. The Eisa Festival kicks off tonite at Palette Kumoji Square in Naha City, with Eisa Ashibinaa performance. Showtime is 6:30pm, and admission is free."

Towns and villages participating include Tomishiro, Ishigaki, Urasoe City, Itoman City, Kin Town, Katsuren Town, Ogimi Vilalge, Gushikami Village, Kadena Town, Ginowan City and Gushikawa. Some will be marching under the banner of their newly merged communities.

For those new to Okinawa, it’s a chance to see firsthand how families begin teaching their children cultural heritage at a very early age.