Okinawa 1988-1991

Okinawa 1988-1991

Friday, September 09, 2005

American Village in Chatan a fantastic success story

American Village in Chatan a fantastic success story - - Okinawa News, Classifieds, Events, Culture, Forums, and more!

Chatan citizens like Americans.

They like American customs and culture, and they very much appreciate the tens of thousands who flock to their town every week. Chatan’s Mihama District is home to American Village, a megapolis of stores, markets and shops that tout all things American.

American Village attracted 8,300,000 patrons last year, some 160,000 visitors a week flocking to the 83 shops and stores, as well as to the 14 larger company operations within its boundaries. American Village, only 16 kilometers north of Naha City, is filled with movie theaters, a flea market, a nature park, a game center, and Jusco. There’s even a baseball stadium. It’s parking lot is among the largest on the island.

It’s the American atmosphere that attracts not only Americans, but thousands of locals to the shopping area. Mihama’s business association says...


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