Okinawa 1988-1991

Okinawa 1988-1991

Friday, July 08, 2005

Expo park

Here's a shot of Expo park. I have several shots of Expo I will be putting up soon. These are from 1989. If anyone has any more recent photo's I would be glad to post them.


Blogger Darren said...

Sorry about the picture quality folks. Most of the pics are at least 15 years old. I prefer to keep the integrity of the photo instead of altering it with alot of programs available nowdays. I tried several and I found that,while making a more colorful picture, they failed at showing what actually makes these pics unique. You can actually see the heat in these pics(I can feel it haha), so I prefer to keep it this way.

July 16, 2005 7:47 PM  

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